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In a world that is increasingly linked to new technologies and digital transformation, sustainability is the new goal towards which the post-pandemic will tend. Sustainability and innovation, historically were two opposite areas, but today they have come together to conciliate very different needs: people, planet and profit.

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As the SDGs ( proposed by the UN in 2015 and to be implemented in 2030) remind us, in order to maintain (our) life on earth we must act by searching for new business models.

The objective of the Innovation for Sustainability Summit is to offer a new look at the future, telling and discussing new concrete business solutions.

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About EIIS

Why the Summit?

Innovation for Sustainability Summit 2022, organized by EIIS - European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability - in collaboration with an international business (Fiera Milano group), is the first edition of an international event dedicated to companies and anyone who is aware of how innovation in processes, products and behavior is essential to achieve sustainability.

The Summit, scheduled for 17 and 18 May, combines a classic conference model with the experience of a real event, thanks to a corporate demo/exhibition area, interactive activities (workshops and laboratories), and contamination with contemporary works and artists inspired by the theme of innovation for sustainability.

Our mission is to educate individuals and companies to change in order to reach the goal of truly sustainable development.


The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) is a place where education, research and continuous experimentation come together with the aim of innovating to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability. At EIIS, there are no students or professors, there are only people interested in ensuring that learning is no longer the result of a passive process, but an engaging activity defined by continuous interaction. 


The event will be divided into 3 areas

Exposition Area
 Conference Area
Art Area

The companies will present their experiences, case studies along with creative and innovative solutions for sustainability, carrying out networking activities at the same time.

The Summit will have a main stage where several "inspirational talks" and high impact educational moments will be held. Particular activities aimed at stimulating creativity and innovation for sustainability.

Contemporary artists will create and exhibit their works on the theme of innovation for sustainability.

In the artistic area "ISS afterdark" will also take place. The after summit will start at 6pm and will include the participation of personalities of music, cinema, art and entertainment.

The event will be held at the EIIS headquarters in Palazzo Taverna
 Via di Monte Giordano 36, Rome

Speakers 2022

The Summit offers the unique opportunity to meet world-leading experts in the field

of innovation for sustainability.


The Contest

"ISS Best Product Nominees"

The companies showcasing their innovative products/projects at the Summit will compete for the "Best Product EIIS-SUMMIT 2023" award.


Visitors will be asked to vote their favourites. Five projects/products will be shortlisted on the basis of visitors' votes. A scientific committee will meet to deliberate on which of those shortlisted products will be awarded first place.


The winning company will be granted permission to display the «Best product EIIS-SUMMIT 2023» label on its products. If required, EIIS is committed to assisting its Partners, in the development and selection of the project or product for the upcoming 2023 edition of the Summit.


Enel-X and Novartis winners ex-aequo

of the "Best Product

ISS 2022" award


NOVARTIS's winning projects:

1) Mudimed, the first Digital Museum of the History

of the Scientific Method in Medicine.

2) The project for innovative and sustainable packaging

at Campus of Torre Annunziata aimed at the elimination

of PVC by 2025.


ENEL X won thanks to the project Smart Axistance C-19, a telemedicine solution for COVID-19 patients developed n collaboration with Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS.


Main Partners 2022


Gold Partners 2022

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