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Welcome to PRIONIA Living

PRIONIA Living is an innovation project of life cycle design, nestled on the island of Korcula (Croatia) and dedicated to all coastal areas people and entrepreneurs.

We aim to build the first circular and auto-sufficient home, made out of second hand materials, in an ancient olive grove overlooking the open sea and full of centenary hand-made dry stone walls. By developing a prototype for hospitality and potentially agriculture and education, the project aims to offer a resilient alternative architecture for coastal areas, demonstrating the environmental and economic benefits for local communities.

We want to recreate a traditional home, made untraditionally

We don't occupy the land, we adapt to the land


We choose small, but we dream big


We refuse modern building techniques, we search for alternatives


We learn from past local craftmanship, we know ancient roots hold the secrets of innovation

Is there another way to do things?


Spaces made of recycled materials will contribute to nature, rather than take.

Your future style of living doesn't look away from nature, but looks after nature.

Your future hospitality place is not new

Your future education place is not a room

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